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Bikepacking Nelson: Roundabout the Rossland Range

June in the Kootenays. Longer days tease the trend of warmer weather, only if it’s not torrenting rain. Like the bears, we’re still stretching out after a winters’ hibernation. Hungry for something. Anything. Here’s another round-trip from the door step. From Nelson, linking up established rail trail to Christina lake, forestry road to Rossland, then […]


A Fabulous Day: Do they come by choice, or chance? (Ashland, Virginia. 2019) “Hidden beneath criticism is a wish.” Fitting to these times, Ester Perel’s book Mating in Captivity frames the folly of couples who become reliant on their partner to satisfy the whole spectrum of their needs. Just as a flame needs air to […]

Bikepacking Maine: Circling Mt. Katahdin

Should you turn around? There is no set depth for when mud is considered ‘too deep’. When a fresh clearcut terminates kilometers of fast-travel fire-road, you long for a sign that says ‘easy way out’. Desire for assurance, plus avoidance of repeating the cost we’ve already sunk: what’s behind is known, and it ain’t pretty. […]


Riding to Brooklyn via the East-Coast Greenway, April 2019. Ideas that won’t survive the Coronavirus. As we emerge from self isolation, is it too radical an idea that this period of reflection could perpetuate economic and racial solidarity? “You can’t time the market” is wise advice for any amateur investor, but here’s someone who has […]