A Fabulous Day: Do they come by choice, or chance? (Ashland, Virginia. 2019)

“Hidden beneath criticism is a wish.” Fitting to these times, Ester Perel’s book Mating in Captivity frames the folly of couples who become reliant on their partner to satisfy the whole spectrum of their needs. Just as a flame needs air to flourish, she suggests partnerships require a degree of separation to succeed.

Last weekend, I pedaled from my doorstep to explore potential bikepacking routes in the backyard (Nelson, BC). The Selkirk mountains and Kootenay spring provided the backdrop for three days of cycling, most of it on heritage rail trail or wagon roads. Check out the photo essay here (enjoy the trip).

Are you happy with the amount of time you’re spending on the screen?

I’ve noticed that my computer and phone have been leeching up more and more free time over the past month. Time to review some strategies to halt the slow, but relentless, creep of the black mirror. Here’s some of the rules that I’ve put in place last year, and am reaffirming today:

  • When you catch yourself wandering mindlessly through your device, it’s time for a break. Turn it off and walk away.
  • Disable non-essential notifications on the phone, and turn off badges completely. Decide what gets access to your attention, instead of everything by default.
  • On the same notion of putting the junk food out of reach, create digital space between the stuff you consciously want to use less. My home screen holds only creative (camera, photos and design), planning (reminders and calendar), and navigating apps, where everything else foldered on the second page.

One final note. I’m glad you’ve found this, but I’d be even gladder if you sent me an email telling me how you’re doing. seanjacklin (at) me . com

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